Revenge was a dish best served under a baking hot sun today as after a year in the wilderness Rotary reclaimed their crown in the annual East Nassau Rotary v Rotaract Softball Smackdown.
After a slight delay caused by tardiness Rotary, despite the best efforts of team manager JP, took the field with a distinctly 5 ‘O’ Clock shadow about them, leading to the “two females on the field at all times” rule being hastily revised/swept under the carpet for the day, and, using the catch them while they’re confused tactic took the initiative from the off.
Learning form Rotaract’s performance last year, Rotary leant on a solid first innings lead to huff and puff their way to a 20 something v a less than 20 something victory, the exact score being forever lost in the dusts of time due to your Sports Editor being dropped to the bench at the end of the second innings and therefore losing interest in the details very quickly. The discovery of Coach Eddie Gardiner’s cooler shortly thereafter doing little to increase attention spans.
While Alan Burrows won the “Best Dressed Softball Player EVER” trophy, and Rotary pitcher Francisco deCardenas went home clutching the “Sigh……I used to be young” award, this day wasn’t about individual glory, it was about fun in the sun, so if you weren’t there this year, make sure you are next!
All Action photo’s van be seen by following the link below……