January is Rotary Awareness Month – a time to learn more about our organization, and a time to focus on our public image. Raising awareness of Rotary is an important part of the RI Strategic Plan: The more Rotary is known for its good work, the more good work Rotary will be able to do.

 As Past RI President Robert Barth of Switzerland said, "We believe that the Rotary pin on our lapel sends a message. It says, 'You can rely on me. I am dependable, I am reliable, I give more than I take. I am available.'"

Because of The Rotary Foundation, people around the world know that they can depend on Rotary in their time of need. It is the Foundation that allows Rotarians to say yes to calls for help, when otherwise we might be forced to say, "There is nothing we can do."

As Rotarians, you are here because you believe in Service Above Self. And as Rotarians, you know that through Rotary, you can have an impact beyond what you could ever hope to have as individuals. One person, no matter how great the talents and resources, is limited. Working alone, there is only so much that can be done. But when we work together, when we pool our resources with those of 1.2 million other Rotarians around the world – and with the resources of our Rotary Foundation – we can make a difference that will be remembered for generations. It is up to all of us.

Glenn E. Estess Sr.
Foundation Trustee Chair

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