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East Nassau

Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 12:30 PM
Nassau Yacht Club
East Bay Street
PO Box SS-6320
Nassau, N.P.  TIN 100326576
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Bahamas National Trust volunteers enjoyed a tasty treat during their clean up at Harold and Wilson Ponds last Saturday as RCEN were on site to serve up their World Famous Hamburgers.
The first of what is hoped to be an annual event for the BNT was aimed at engaging the local communities of Pride Estates 1 & 2 in maintaining this important wetland area that sits on their doorstep. RCEN has a deep affiliation with BNT and this area in particular as we were instrumental in the building of the boardwalk over the ponds many moons ago.
In between Marshalling the troops our Hamburger Van Guru Llewellyn "Unca Loa" Burrows even managed to find time to "Big-Up" RCEN live on the airwaves during a 100 Jamz live radio broadcast.
A great afternoon all round!

The Rotary Club of East Nassau inducted Past Rotaract President (2013-2014) Taran Mackey into the club on July 3rd.  Taran is a young, dedicated Rotarian who participated in a multitude of joint projects and Rotary work while serving in Rotaract.  The members of RCEN would like to warmly welcome Taran into the club as the first inductee of the 2015-2016 Rotary year.  Pictured (L-R) is Jason Robertson (President), Taran Mackey & Phil Cumming.

As one of his last official presidential jobs, the Rotary Club of East Nassau Past President Elmer Lowe awarded Mayuri Decka with the "Rising Star" award. This award is presented to new members who go above and beyond and show exemplary Rotary characteristics shortly after joining the club.  Mayuri responded to the humanitarian need in Nepal and organized a fundraising campaign which ultimately raised over $10,000 for Nepal.  The event was so successful that a new club sponsored program was formed, GREAT (Global Rotary East Action Today) which will take charge in emergency situations such as Nepal.  The club congratulates Mayuri for her great program and look forward to her continued participation in Rotary.  

The Interact club of Queens College recently donated $1,000 each to the Ranfurly Home and sir Victor Sasoon Foundation. Picture shows presentation with Prez Jessica Cartwright, Prez elect Taylor Roberts, members of the board and advisors. Funds came from several projects during the year including the sale of roses on Valentine's Day.

The Rotary Club of East Nassau, and their Rotaract Club, held their presidential changeover party on June 20th.

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