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"The President's Club" 2018 - 2019  Rotary International President Barry Rassin and The President's President, Corinne Laville
What Month is it?
In September, Rotarians place emphasis on the importance and value of basic education, literacy and our young generation.
In the words of Nobel Prize Laureate Malala Yousafzai:
“One Child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world” 
It is estimated that one billion people-one sixth of the world’s population – are unable to read. Illiteracy among adults and children is a global concern in both highly industrialized nations and developing countries. The tragedy of illiteracy is that those who cannot read are denied personal independence and they become victims of unscrupulous manipulation, poverty and the loss of human dignity. Illiteracy is demeaning, it is a major obstacle to achieving economic, political, social, and personal development and is a barrier to international understanding, cooperation and global peace.
Many Rotary clubs are thoughtfully surveying the needs of their community for literacy training. Some clubs provide basic books for reading instruction. Others establish and support reading and language clinics, provide volunteer tutorial assistance and purchase reading materials.
Rotarians can play a vitally important role in and around their communities and in developing countries, by promoting projects to facilitate opportunities that are derived with the ability to read. For example, Australian Rotarians developed the “Lighthouses for Literacy” projects in four schools in Thailand. This innovative teaching method proved so successful that the Thai government adopted it in all the nation’s schools. Other Rotary clubs have used this model to develop literacy projects in Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil and other countries.
  • An additional 1.7 million teachers are needed worldwide to meet the goal of universal primary education.
  • 57 million children worldwide, are not in school
  • 781 million people over the age of 15-60 percent of them women-are illiterate
However, we have young and vibrant members of our Rotary family that are equipped with the tools to help us establish strategic and enriching projects across our communities.
Recently, I had the opportunity to visit transformative projects being carried out by Rotarians and Rotaractors in Grand Cayman, B.V.I and St Croix, where they are providing life-changing literacy experiences throughout their communities. This year more than ever before, our emphasis must be to empower our young generations, by fully embracing them in project concept, design and development for all our activities.
Past RI President Luis Vincente Giay at the 1996 Convention in Calgary, Alberta, Canada said:
     “Our vision for the future, now more than ever, is the difference between    
     success and failure.
     The New Generations are our investment in the future.
     Let us begin to build that future today” 
Countless Rotaractors have undertaken innovative and creative literacy projects which we could easily tap into by partnering with them, to help us tackle these issues in our communities. Therefore, let us share our love for Rotary, by empowering our new generations, so that together we can inspire positive change globally.
“When love is infused into our actions, we do not stop to question the time or money we are sacrificing. We are inspired to do more, to give more. Love is the motivating force behind all of Rotary’s best work.”
                                                                       -Carlo Ravizza 1999-2000
D.G. Patrick
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President Hope Sealey shares testimonials on how the Greatest Club in the World, Rotary Club of East Nassau, has contributed to making a difference in the Bahamas during the 2017 - 2018 Rotary Year.
nitial targets for Registrations have already been reached! With less than 4 months to go, and demand and prices from the Cruise Line expected to go up soon, just sending out a note to see if you have Registered yet for the "Cruise You'll Never Forget"...
If you have not yet booked, take a minute to look over previous emails I have sent covering a lot of the initial information. Alternatively, you can visit the District Conference Website  for ALL the Cruise information you will need for now, including details on how to get registered immediately and contact information for our designated travel agent - Steve. Booking the Cruise with Steve includes your Automatic Conference Registration.
On Monday, January 9, 2017, available members of the Vocational Service Committee ("VSC"), lead by Vocational Service Director, Adrian R. White, met with representatives of The Department of Labour. 
Pictured from left to right are Patrenda Russell-Brice, The Department of Labour and Adrian R. White, Vocational Service Director, RCEN.

With introductions made, goals and ideas were shared.  RCEN's Vocational Service community impact goal for this year, is to create a program for Employment Placement of Civic Participants ("EPCP").  
This EPCP goal was discussed and enthusiastically received by The Department of Labour.

As it happens, our EPCP community impact goal compliments an intitative, undertaken by The Department of Labour and The Ministry of National Security, funded by a grant from the International Development Bank and expected to run over a five year period.
Under the EPCP, qualifed persons must be participants in one or more of the numerous civic organizations in The Bahamas.  
The expected success of the RCEN's Vocation Service EPCP program initiative, will benefit from an allied and cooperative effort of all civic organizations in The Bahamas and The Department of Labour.

January is Vocational Service month in Rotary District 7020 and as we continue to serve the community, your VSC thanks you for your support. 
The VSC welcomes new members and asks all to stay tuned for more updates and action this month.

"You're great at your vocation, share it with us."
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