Axis Notes June 26, 2015 Meeting
The final meeting of President Elmer's year swung into action at 1pm presided over a very happy near IPP.
The Invocation was done by John Palme and Vibert Williams led us in the recital of the 4-way test.
Rotary friend, Kyle Chea, introduced AC Chacon who was in town to coach members of the Bahamas Rowing Team. AC thanked Sir Durward for his $5,000 donation; Barry Rassin for allowing the team to keep their rowing machines at Bahamas Medical Centre so they can practice indoors and RCEN's donation of $500.
The funds were used for 4 pairs of sculling oars to fully complement our sculling racing shells, 4 indoor rowing machines and a 14 ft. Boston Whaler, with 30hp and Bimini top for coaching and safety – their own; no longer borrowing! Gifts were given to Sir Durward and PE Jason.

Bob MacDonald was given his Director's pin, PHF2 and was recognized for his outstanding contribution to the BAPD and ENRC Foundation. Sir Durward added his thanks to President Elmer's.
New member Mayuri Deka was given the Rising Star Award for her enthusiasm and hard work. And Uli Veogles was awarded a PHF for his tireless work with the Violets are Blue programme in the Bain and Grants Town areas. He took the opportunity to invite members to a movie night they had on Saturday past. 'Disco' Dave Lakin was given a PHF2 for his work at the Sea Horse Institute and being the one Rotarian who participated in almost every event during 2014-2015.
Sargent-at-Arms PP Brian Moodie cracked a few jokes while apologizing for not being the best joke teller but he still got some laughs.
Member birthdays - David Allen - June 25; Terry Mosko - June 27; Barry Rassin- June 28; Davin Lakin - July 3.
Join Anniversaries - Gary Sweeting, June 30 - 13 years; Dave Jenner, July 1 - 30 years; Vibert Williams, July 1 - 1 year.
Wedding Anniversaries - Mark & Nicki Henderson July 1 - 35 years; Warren& Rhonda Rolle July 1 - 20 years; Joshua & Manuela Major July 1 - 33 years.
Franny De Cardenas got a special award for being a good sport and one hellava catch. According to IPP Phil, Franny was 'hooked' while fishing on the Rotary boat during the Tuna Tournament and although he was unceremoniously dumped back on dry land to see to his wound he took it like a trooper.
Robert Jagger, a raconteur of no mean order, once again came to the podium to regale us with  stories of his days at the Financial Times in London, working on the Foreign news desk in charge of Spain, Portugal and Latin America goings on and how his credit with his friends rose when he wined and dined them in one of FT's five dining rooms, imbibing the fine wines produced by the Pearson family vineyards. How he was able to eventually dodge the MI5 and MI6 recruitment teams with the help of his Uncle John Marriott (a character from Spy Catcher?) and his visit to the Polish Club in London where the Polish government in exile resided.
 Elmer then thanked the club for giving him the privilege of being president and read his description of RCEN "Who are We?
Pres Elmer closed the meeting one last time with a salute to Rotary Around the World!

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